The new world community challenges developers to play their own endgame

The new world community challenges developers to play their own endgame

A player from a new world who wasn’t happy with the end of the game challenged the developers at Amazon Game Studios to do the Myrkgard chest and portal to show that they can play the game.

Game Spot Reports indicate that New World players have started to petition After the recent changes that made the high-ranking elite areas more difficult than before. They wanted to prove it by letting Amazon Games Studios do the running themselves.

To the amazement of the community, Amazon accepted this challenge and posted 55 minutes “New World – Myrkgard Dev Run” Ten developers (including game director Scott Lane) worked their way through the required run.

At first, the developers admitted that they weren’t as strong as the more interactive players in the new world, but they were happy to take the risk. While the developers have tried to move forward, they have given advice like “giving in sometimes is the best option”. And indeed, after some time they gave up.

This promotion is working well with the community as Amazon Game Studios is showing that they are listening to players and showing that they want to make the new world the best it can be. This was also supported by the release of a video over an hour and a half long Where other current problems arise.

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