Amsterdam battlefield in a new shooting game Call of Duty

Amsterdam battlefield in a new shooting game Call of Duty

Multiplayer map of the popular shooting game Call of Duty Modern Warfare II based on the city center of Amsterdam. This is evidenced by the images of the beta version, which some players can already play.

The map is laid out in and around the fictional Breenbergh Hotel & Spa, which appears to be located between Central Station and the canal. Players will be dropped off at the hotel entrance by helicopter or into a pickup truck in the back. Standing in front of the main entrance is not realistic Fake police cars and fire engine.

This is an expensive hotel with deluxe rooms, and also has a rooftop terrace. There is a comprehensive description on the shooting game website From the map to see. Despite the fact that shooting takes place mainly indoors, alleged killings, such as bombing, will still be possible. The hotel features an “outdoor design”.

This isn’t the first time Amsterdam has appeared in a version of Call of Duty. In the “Campaign Mode” in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from 2020, it was part of the Red Light District, where two residents talked about a “Service.. Service.. Service Bitterballen”. Such details seem to be missing in the new multiplayer map.

The game will go on sale on October 28.

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