The man who kissed Maxima: ‘It seemed like a joke’ | royal day

The man who kissed Maxima: 'It seemed like a joke' |  royal day

Many fans of the royal family were able to shake hands with the royal couple and their three daughters in Maastricht today. But one man has managed to kiss Queen Maxima, at least three times. Hare Wasppur sparkled with pride.

In the afterthought for NOS on King’s Day in Maastricht, tell how it worked. He admitted that his work was not planned in this way. “Last week at a birthday party, my friends asked me to come in to watch. I said, ‘I’d like to have a kiss from Maxima.’ As a joke,” the man says.

Wasbauer continues: We’ve been standing there for an hour and a half and then we hear jokes. Like: “Yes, when Maxima comes, I’ll ask for a kiss.” This is what happened. “The three kisses did not follow each other fluently, as can be seen in the television images, but they were already there, as the ANP photographer recorded. In all likelihood, Mr. Wasbauer is the only one in the audience in the provincial capital of Limburg who was able to kiss the Queen.

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‘never forget’

After all the festivities, King Willem-Alexander thanked everyone in Limburg for the “unforgettable” King’s Day. Around 1.15pm, the Maastricht royal family’s program ended after more than two hours. In his thanksgiving speech, the King also briefly paid attention to the Corona crisis, the floods in Limburg and the situation in Ukraine.

This was in the pipeline for two years. What is in the barrel is not spoiled, ”the king began his story, because the celebration with the royal couple will take place already in 2020. “Two long years of individual suffering from Corona and collective anger. Two long years in which Limburg was hit hard by the Corona crisis and also suffered from a flood disaster.”

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“We are very grateful that we can celebrate this peacefully, knowing that a few hundred kilometers away in Ukraine, these poor people have not been given freedom,” the king said. This was the first time in two years that the birthday of the King, who turned 55 this year, was organized again without Corona measures. André Rio and Rowen Hayes, among others, celebrated his birthday.



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