March 22, 2023

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“Elon Musk trolls doxen doxen Twitter” – IT Pro – News

trolls Linked to Tesla and SpaceX Frontman Elon Musk, according to Platformer, unsolicited private data of online Twitter employees. This type of harassment, defamation, comes after Musk agreed to take over Twitter earlier this week.

doxing follows responses to tweets from Musk or employees who explicitly say they will look for a new job after the acquisition, Platform Reports† Author Casey Newton, who has written about online platforms for years and has many resources within companies, writes that there are at least “a dozen” employees. Twitter has a total of thousands of employees.

Trolls follow defamation after agreeing to Musk’s takeover of Twitter earlier this week. Musk also criticized several senior Twitter figures in tweets this week. This is unusual, as it can fire them as new owners once the acquisition is complete. Musk’s plans can also be counted on for a more flexible moderation on Twitter Criticism of the European Union

Musk buys Twitter for about $41 billion. It’s still not known exactly what he wants with the platform, except that he wants to loosen moderation rules and ban spambots. Musk is currently the president of the automaker Tesla and the aerospace company SpaceX.

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