The King and his family celebrate King’s Day in Maastricht next year | interior

The King and his family celebrate King's Day in Maastricht next year |  interior

Willem-Alexander’s last two birthdays were a humble affair due to the Corona crisis. In 2020, the King and Queen Maxima and their daughters Amalia, Alexia and Ariane celebrate his birthday at his home at Huis Ten Bosch. The family went out in April of this year, but there was no audience in Eindhoven due to the Corona measures.

Maastricht Mayor Anne-Marie Ben T-Strick welcomed the news. “We already had a great program in 2020. This will be the basis for our party next year, because there was a lot of enthusiasm among all and other participants. After such a miserable time, our city is ready to party.” Referring to the canceled 2020 gig, Ben said: “The King said then: What’s in the barrel doesn’t spoil. As Maastricht, we’re very glad he stuck with those words.”

“Live Maastricht”

The theme for 2020 was “Live Maastricht”, and it will be revived. The king is waiting for a special programme. The program tells the story of innovation and tradition, told by all Maastricht residents, across all strata of the population, and regardless of the residents’ many backgrounds. This makes Maastricht unique: social and united, with all the inhabitants of Maastricht, but also with the beautiful Heuvelland and Euregio around us.”

In 2022, Willem-Alexander, who turns 55 that year, will celebrate the King’s ninth birthday. Since 2014, almost a year after its opening, it is celebrated annually on April 27. Under the leadership of his mother, Beatrix, the national holiday, which was still Queen’s Day at the time, was held on April 30.

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