Amsterdam tests battery as a buffer in electric car charging hub – picture and sound – news

Energy supplier Vattenfal and construction company Heijmans have opened a test center with a capacity of 336kWh in cooperation with the Amsterdam municipality. For this purpose, a battery is used to reduce the load on the power grid.

The municipality of Amsterdam writes about it website That in P + R Zeeburg it is now possible to charge 16 electric cars simultaneously, thanks to a large battery with a capacity of 336 kWh. Because of the stored energy, cars can be charged faster and the electricity grid is less taxed. This provides opportunities for areas like Amsterdam, where the power grid is in opposition border sitting.

The battery should act as a buffer for the charging hub and is a test to check if more charging locations can be placed in this way, without the power grid having to be immediately overloaded. Over the next five years, Vattenfal, Heijmans and the municipality of Amsterdam will collect data from the charging center in the Zeeburg car park to see how the battery can be used as efficiently as possible. The main focus is on how to deliver power to the battery in the charging center in a timely manner.

At the beginning of this year, Shell announced a similar model Pilot With charging station with battery. At a charging station near Zaltbommel there are a number of charging stations where a battery has also been placed as a buffer, in order to facilitate fast charging.

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