“The Hunt for Jasper S.”

Tuesday 12 April 2022, 11:00 AM

old wood – There will be a drama series about the murder of Marianne Vastra. It will be a Nordic Noir-style thriller. Scandinavia is famous for the many popular drama series produced there. Viaplay is also a Swedish company in origin. The title will be: “The Hunt for Jasper S.” And production is in the hands of Pupkin.

It will be one of the first Dutch Nordic Noir film series, inspired by one of the most famous murder cases in Dutch history. The series is produced by showrunner Willem Bosch and creative producer Peter Kuijpers (“Amazing,” “Riphagen”), and is led by Kennard Boss, Scripted Content executive producer at Viaplay. Who will play the lead roles will be announced later.

conspiracy theories

“The Hunt for Jasper S.” It depicts the search for the perpetrator of a murder that had a huge impact on society. It shows how the Netherlands first confronted persistent conspiracy theories, fueled by social media. The crime went unsolved for years. In the end, the case was one of the first in the Netherlands to be resolved using DNA evidence.

Willem Busch, Showrunner at Pupkin: “For over ten years I’ve been looking at the idea of ​​turning the Hunt for Jasper S. into a series. I’ve always imagined the series as a traditional Dutch Nordic Noir, so who’s the best partner from the original Swedish Viaplay.”

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