June 8, 2023

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The metaverse allows Horizon Worlds users to sell virtual items – Games – News

Meta starts with a specific test creators Within the metaverse Horizon Worlds platform to sell virtual things to other users. It’s about the digital goods, services, and experiences that can be purchased. Meta gets a share of the proceeds.

About “A bunch” of creators Who can sell virtual items and “effects” in their worlds. Realms are the virtual environments in which creators can build metavertical worlds. Meta gives an example of “attachable accessories” that users can purchase, presumably referring to things like jewelry that the user can wear. Users can also purchase access to an entire world, or part of the world.

against edge says dead 25 percent of the sale, plus the compensation that the used sales platform also gets. Content creators need to use this sales platform in order to be able to sell things. An example is Meta’s task store. At this Quest store, the fee is 30 percent. Thus, the Creator earns 70 percent of that. Meta also wants 25 percent of the 70 percent inside Horizon, writes The Verge. This means that if the creator sells a $10 item in Horizon Worlds through the Quest Store, the Meta will receive $4.75 and the creator will receive $5.25. It is not clear if users can also use other sales platforms.

The purchase of items and services within Horizon Worlds is currently only available to adults in the United States and Canada. Horizon Worlds cannot be used outside of these markets at this time. Meta also says it will create a rewards program, where makers receive money to build popular worlds, for example.

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Here’s what Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said liquefactionFor example, abilities, combined with, say, nurturing should allow creators to ultimately live off the income they receive through their meta worlds.

Horizon Worlds is part of metaverse meta strategy And it allows users to create games or “social hubs”, for example, Roblox. In February, Meta said its metaverse platforms, in addition to Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues, had 300,000 users. Tens of thousands of worlds were also created. Horizon platforms now require an Oculus Quest 2 headset, though Meta tells The Verge that it plans to bring the platforms to smartphones later this year. Also, there are “early conversations” to bring platforms to consoles.