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1 Clear agreement, lies.

Both games contain great stories and promises of release, which turned out to be untrue. NMS got rid of the lack of multiplayer while they claimed you play in the same online world as some kind of MMO game, but players are looking for each other by going to the same location, but they couldn’t find each other, that’s where there was Lots of whining from day one. It’s (imo) not really a missing feature, but don’t advertise it.

I don’t understand it very well, as if people don’t realize it or find out? In this regard, it is also considered an insult, since it appears as “they don’t realize it anyway.”

Of course you can always decide before the release as a developer not to implement certain features because they don’t work well. But by dropping unique selling points from your promotional story, without saying anything about them, well, you shouldn’t be surprised when people come up with torches and pitchforks…

The BF2042 also had such promises, but the most important was a well-thought-out game release upon release. The “we’ll fix this then with patches” mentality is also less and less acceptable, and even less if that fix takes too long or doesn’t happen at all.

Whatever NMS gets in further development it really gives credit to the developers. However, it’s a shame, it could easily have been a hit right from the start if you didn’t provide a lot of marketing gossip prior to release. On the other hand, if it wasn’t for all the fuss and NMS turned out to be a mediocre success, would we still be talking about it now? After all, bad publicity is also publicity.

Itt NMS, I doubt EA’s failed games can straighten out then. Or worse yet, whether EA even wants to put that effort into it. The commitment to release seems to have been minimal already, so why is it better then?

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