Phillies’ Alec Boom apologizes for offensive comments during ‘frustrating’ match against Mets

Phillies' Alec Boom apologizes for offensive comments during 'frustrating' match against Mets
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Philadelphia Phyllis third man base Alec Boom He apologized to the team’s fans after a TV broadcast that made him make derogatory comments during Monday night’s 5-4 win over the team. New York Mets (Result square). Bohm made three mistakes during the first three rounds of the competition, all of them miscellaneous. Those struggles inspired fans to cheer him on after he made a successful first base throw to get out. Then Bom was shown – but not heard – in the broadcast apparently saying to his teammate, “I hate this place. “

Pom owns these words and then explains them.

“Emotions got the best of me,” He told reporters, including Alex Covey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I said that. And do I mean it? No. It’s a disappointing night for me. I obviously made some mistakes on the court. But these fans just want to win. I heard that, when we came back. They’re awesome. I’m sorry for them. I don’t mean that.” “

To his credit, Bohm played a part in the comeback: He led bottom eight with a picnic. Velez went on to score five games in that game to overcome a 4-0 deficit. He made it to base three times overall, including twice on a walk and a double, and scored a goal. Manager Joe Gerardi raised Bohm for defensive purposes to unlock the ninth, and replaced him Johan Camargo.

Bohm has had a volatile career thus far. He placed second in the vote for Rookie of the Year in 2020 having achieved 137 OPS+ in 44 games. Sadly, he struggled last season, producing a 75 OPS+ – a mark well below expectations, and below the acceptable limit for a well below average defender.

Sign Velez Kyle Schwarber And Nick Castellanos Over the winter, eliminating any hope Bohm had of moving to a different location. Philadelphia has also decided to include it in the list of top potential players Bryson Stottwho was and probably will continue to eat his prime in the cold corner.

Bohm, 25, was selected by the Phillies with the third pick in the 2018 draft by Wichita State University.

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