The Harry Potter actor in The Pale Blue Eye is unrecognizable alongside Christian Bale

The Harry Potter actor in The Pale Blue Eye is unrecognizable alongside Christian Bale

A few days ago he came article Visit FilmTotal about Harry Mellingknown for his role in Harry Potterfranchise by the name of Dudley Dursley (or in Dutch, Dirk Duffeling). Then he let himself out Controversial statements of writer JK Rowling. Now he is talking about his new movie again.

Mealing managed to get one of the main roles in the new horror movie from Netflix, called Pale blue eye. For this he takes the role of the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe. The other leading role is reserved for anything but Christian Bale. Mealing now talks about his successful career.

Unlike that
Despite the fact that the actor achieved great success, of course, thanks to Harry PotterMovies, nobody really gets to know him anymore. This is most likely due to the fact that he has lost a lot of kilos in recent years and is therefore not often associated with the world famous movie series anymore.

Many of the Harry Potter stars are already gone, but the same can’t be said of Melling. The actor wanted to get important roles in major films such as, among others The old guard, the devil all along And in the beloved series Queen’s maneuver. The actor believes his weight loss may have something to do with this.

Meiling says:I see that moment in my life as a kind of “blessing”, mainly because I am no longer recognisable. I felt like I could make a fresh start without being associated with the “Harry Potter” movies over and over again. This is a great feeling“.

here Can you see how different the actor’s look has become in recent years. If you see the trailer for Pale blue eye Missed it, check it out below.

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