Happy Cabin Union with mandatory negative Corona test for travelers China | Economie

Happy Cabin Union with mandatory negative Corona test for travelers China |  Economie
Negative Corona test for travelers from China starting Tuesday Need Is a “good move” to protect the crew in the airline KLM. This is what board member Ingrid Brama of the Dutch Cabin Crew Association (VNC) said in response to the decision of Minister Ernst Kuipers (Public Health).

KLM employees had previously expressed concerns about the large wave of Corona in China. According to Brama, it is especially important to use these tests to better monitor other coronavirus variants. “This way we can get a better image from China.”

Brama is calling for wastewater from planes from China to be tested for virus particles, as is the case in Belgium. This would be a good option.” Kuipers is investigating whether this could be done using toilet water from planes coming from China.

Earlier this week, KLM announced an immediate increase safety precautions To be served on flights from China. Staff will be provided with FFP2 face masks and may use the staff toilet only.

KLM will also adjust services on flights from China to Amsterdam. This should reduce the number of long-term contact moments with passengers. This way travelers get their meals and drinks at the same time instead of on different rides. Also, headphones and bottles of water are no longer distributed, but placed on the seats in advance.

KLM now flies to China three times a week and six times a week at the end of this month. On flights from China, passengers and crew members were already required to wear face masks during the flight. Chinese airlines such as Air China, China Southern and Xiamen Airlines also fly to Schiphol.

In response to Kuipers’ decision, Schiphol Airport said that all government rules and advice are being followed. KLM says it is still working on a response. Travelers from China must also show a negative Corona test in other European countries. The self-tests were previously offered in Schiphol to travelers from China. Kuipers also indicated that further tests for corona will be carried out on wastewater in Schiphol.

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