Razer shows off Project Carol headrest with built-in surround speakers and textures Gaming News

Razer shows off its Project Carol concept at CES in Las Vegas. The office chair headrest includes haptic feedback and built-in speakers for surround sound. It is not known if and when the pillow will be available.

scanner Lays down the concept of Project Carol As an accessory for gaming office chairs. The headrest has surround speakers that are directed toward the user’s ears from the front near-areaMy voice. The board supports up to 7.1 audio, according to Razer. It can be connected wirelessly to a computer via a 2.4GHz connection. Project Carol also has a battery, so it doesn’t need power cables. The built-in battery charges via USB-C and, according to Razer, has a battery life of up to eight hours.

Carol Project features too touch Through Razer HyperSense technology, which the manufacturer also uses in some of its gaming headsets. This should convert a specific sound from a game into a haptic feedback that can be felt in the headrest. Users can attach the cushion to their gaming chair via adjustable straps. The width of these straps can be adjusted between 310 and 350 mm for better compatibility with chairs of different brands.

Razer is not sharing details about Project Carol pricing and availability, as this product is still in the concept stage.

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