The government is using more than 100 police officers to seize property from the arena

The prosecutor’s office demanded an order to search the party headquarters to seize the building and 17 vehicles. To do this, the PNC assisted a large deployment of well-armed agents, including the UNO.

This afternoon the government undertook a major police operation to intervene in the building where the Arena party headquarters are located, in order to seize its assets, known as the Taiwan case.

Participating in the practice is the Attorney General imposed by the ruling party Rodolfo Delgado; Minister of Justice and Public Security Gustavo Villadoro and Director of Police Mauricio Arias Sikas and other police chiefs.

The two buses carried more than 100 armed agents from various parts of the National Civil Police, including special missions such as the UMO. In addition, they closed several arteries in order to execute a judicial order, yesterday they told the special judge to shut down the tricolor party property.

“We are going to seize two real estate, one of them (the main headquarters) and the barred entry of 17 vehicles,” Delcado told reporters.

In the pictures: FGR checks Arena party headquarters in China-Taiwan case

With the exception of the real estate confiscation, money from the political debt of the aforementioned political entity has been frozen by past elections. “For this reason, the political debt associated with the recent elections is immovable, amounting to $ 2.9 million, which was ordered as a precautionary measure,” Delcado added.

Images published by official social media accounts include photos reviewed by stationery and tax investigators.

Photo by EDH / Francisco Rubio

According to Delcato, this is one of the proposed legal actions to “recover” funds donated to El Salvador by the China-Taiwanese government. In total, this is 9 3.9 million.

Members of the Arena Party, including former presidents Elias Antonio Saga and Francisco Flores, have been accused of diverting about $ 10 million for discriminatory activities, allegedly from the 2001 earthquake in Taiwan.

Saga, Juan Tennant Wright and Antonio Palsaretti Crete were acquitted because when they were charged, the court considered the crime already recommended in 2019. Francisco Flores was dismissed at the request of the prosecutor’s office in view of the fact that he was dead.

Minister Villadoro told a news conference in front of the statue of Roberto de Abuysson, the founder of the Arena, that they were coming to the practice and, according to him, would do whatever was necessary to restore it. “Political mafias” robbed people.

Photo by EDH / Francisco Rubio

Carmen is evicted by police

One of the victims of the intervention in the Arena building was Carmen de Mira, who rented a space there. He had to close his small business at the request of the police.

“I rent this little piece here, all of which is in debt, for which I have to pay,” De Mira said when closing the store.
“God is wonderful, I am the daughter of God,” the woman said, then asked a police officer to reconsider what she had received from the small business. “You can check me out, Mr. Agent,” he said, and the officer told him to come out, no problem.

“Those are bananas, but I’m going to bring back another one. Look at me, I even sell bananas … Are you going to give me permission after taking my little things out?” The officer said he could come at any time.

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