June 2, 2023

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Biden considers compulsory vaccinations for officials • 'UK opens door to EU, US'

Biden considers compulsory vaccinations for officials • ‘UK opens door to EU, US’

U.S. President Joe Biden has said he is considering introducing a vaccine requirement for federal government employees. When asked by a reporter if the government was considering such a requirement, Biden said, “It is under consideration now.”

A Press release Biden says he will provide further explanations next Thursday on how to vaccinate Americans. “While most Americans have been vaccinated, many have not yet been vaccinated. Despite the increase in vaccinations in recent days, we need to do even better.”

Biden also commented on the announcement of the CDC, the American variant of RIVM. In some parts of the United States, where the number of coronavirus infections is on the rise, vaccinated people need to wear the mask again at home. Advises Of CDC.

The company also mentions new information about the delta variant of the virus. The CDC recommends that all teachers and staff, students and visitors to school wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Biden said he hopes all Americans living in areas designated by the CDC will follow suit. He said he would do it if he went to those areas.

Los Angeles and St. Louis have recommended wearing masks on indoor areas again due to infections and hospital admissions. Most new infections in the United States and those admitted to the hospital are among those who have not been vaccinated. But breakthrough infections can occur in vaccinated people. Generally, people receive mild complaints in this regard.

From mid-September, there should be officers in New York City as well Mandatory vaccination Or have them get a corona virus test weekly. The state of California wants to introduce a similar rule.

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