The golden goose feather by Neelek Norderfleet

The golden goose feather by Neelek Norderfleet

Writer Neelek Norderfleet won the Guden Janzenfer Prize this year. The annual Literature Prize jury honors her as a versatile writer who is very conscientious in everything she writes and does.

Nordervelt is considered one of the most important writers in contemporary Dutch literature. It first appeared in 1987 with the historical novel Taine or valleys where life dwells, About Multatoli’s first wife.

Her other known works are angel eye (1991), Father’s Name (1993) And Pelican Bay (2002). She also wrote articles, nonfiction, novels and columns. Her new novel came out recently we can do this.

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“She focuses her work on current themes, which are always rooted in history, and through which she demonstrates to a wide audience the salient importance of historical context,” said Jury Chair Jett Busmaker when announcing the winner of NPO Radio 1- language status

According to Bussemaker, Nordervelt is the standard bearer of the Dutch language. “She has a transnational European view and tends to be liberal with a special interest in women. Moreover, she always promotes the importance of the Dutch language and culture.”

Norderfeldt was honored with the award. She said, “I am speechless.” language status† “Surprised, happy, exhausted. Goosebumps moment.”

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