Valve Offers Steam Deck Docking Station Three USB 3.1 Ports and Gigabit Ethernet – Games – News

The dock is already on my wish list…although in theory you should be able to connect any dedicated USB-C dock with HDMI, USB, etc. Although there have been (or have been) people who have (had) problems with the power supply from a USB-C dock/dongle to a Steam Deck.

I’ve owned the Steam Deck for 3 weeks now and have to say I think it’s a great device! It’s my portable PS4 on the go now with Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Day’s Gone, and Death Stranding. It’s entirely possible to get a solid 30 frames per second on standard PS4 quality settings. Rock-solid 40fps can also be used with some fine tuning – and I know that Valve is now enabling frame locking and refreshing the lock screen at 40fps in Steam OS.

I also play a modified Skyrim AE on Ultra settings @ 1280×800 with low shadow quality only, locked at 30fps. With this you can “Skyrimming” for about 5 hours. Half-Life 2 can run for about 6 hours on highest locked settings at 30fps. Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 settings takes about 2 to 2.5 hours at 30 frames per second. Anyway, I don’t mind it.

Do you have the idea of ​​a Nintendo Switch in your head? Don’t buy Steam Deck. It will hit you hard. If you want to play modern 3D AAA games at 60 fps, I don’t recommend Steam Deck. Either you’re not getting a steady 60fps because Steam Deck can’t supply enough power (because it’s handheld) or you have to play on the power cable because the battery drains too quickly. If you don’t like fiddling or tweaking to get a game working properly, I don’t recommend Steam Deck. Steam Deck is not a console, but a Linux handheld computer and most games are designed for Windows. This means that sometimes you have to “manipulate”. Although I have to say that most of the games in my library run unchanged. If you play online games like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite and that kind of nonsense, Steam Deck is of no use to you either. These are not supported (yet) due to anti-fraud. Also, Ubisoft and EA games are often in a mess to get to work due to their little launchers.

But if you’ve been gaming on Linux for a while like me, you know where Linux games come from and this really is a machine that makes you happy! Tremendous progress has been made in such a short time! For me personally, it is one of the best and most beautiful purchases ever.

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