The FBI arrests a suspect in leaking classified US documents

The FBI arrests a suspect in leaking classified US documents

The person who leaked classified US government documents works at a military base. The first documents containing sensitive information about, among other things, the war in Ukraine appeared at the end of last year in a closed chat group on the Discord messaging service. He writes Washington Post. They were posted there by a twenty-something who led the group and called himself the OG. He said he brought them from his job at the base.

The paper is based on conversations with two members of the chat group who say they know Organo Gold’s true identity. The newspaper read messages from the chat group and analyzed about 300 photos of classified documents, most of which had not been published elsewhere. The paper also says it has an OG audio recording, photos, and video.

At first, Organo Gold wrote the pieces word for word and provided comments, including an explanation of the terminology used by the intelligence services. Because the other members of the group did not read the long messages and because it took him so long, he later posted pictures of the secret items. The two members of the group the newspaper spoke to were identified in some photos in the back parts of the room where the OG also recorded video messages of them.

Chat group exists according to Washington Post Since 2020 it has only been accessible by invitation. The newspaper reported that the 20 or so members, mostly boys and young men, shared a fascination with “weapons, military equipment and God”. Since the end of last year, the OG has been posting a few documents a week, which have found their way from Discord to other social media. (AP)

Associated Press – The leaked documents can be seen Wednesday on a news program broadcast on television at a train station in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

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