21-year-old man arrested for major security breach in US

21-year-old man arrested for major security breach in US
Police closed the road near the suspect’s home

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The FBI has arrested a suspect in Massachusetts in connection with the leak of classified US government documents. It’s about a 21-year-old man attached to the Massachusetts Air National Guard, an aviation unit of the National Guard that includes security forces.

This evening, the American media already wrote about the suspect behind the leak. American newspaper The New York Times He was identified as 21-year-old Jack Teixeira. Later that evening, Justice Minister Garland confirmed that it was indeed Teixeira.

According to Garland, he is charged with unauthorized removal of classified national security information. In an earlier press conference, the Pentagon had already talked about a deliberate criminal offense. Teixeira will appear in court in Boston soon.

According to NBC News, authorities had been on his trail for some time. His house was also raided tonight.

Teixeira is also said to be the administrator of an online group on Discord, popular among gamers, with 20 to 30 members. Members were mainly teenagers who talked about guns and video games and racism in the chat group website Exchanged, writes the American newspaper The New York Times.

The New York Times spoke with four members of the chat group. They described Teixeira as the leader of the group who had access to classified information through his work in intelligence. Members are said to come from Russia, Ukraine and various countries including Europe, Asia and South America.

Information about Ukraine

Initially, the pieces only appeared in a private chat group on Discord. Later they also appeared on Telegram, especially in pro-Russian chat groups.

Among other things, the documents contain sensitive information about the war in Ukraine, for example, weaknesses in the country’s air defenses. It also contained information about America’s allies. It was one of the largest government leaks in America in years.

Earlier today, President Biden, who is currently on a working trip to Northern Ireland, expressed concern about the leak. Still, he said, he saw no immediate danger in it.

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