A green and attractive garden for Anneliese and her son

A green and attractive garden for Anneliese and her son


Anneliese dreams of an atmospheric garden where she can sit outside and where her son, Julien, can play. In terms of atmosphere and decoration, everything could be more green and natural.

the design

The design shows that the garden is attractively decorated with lots of greenery and that little Julian has been taken into consideration. Natural materials are used and part of it is paved so that a beautiful place for the balcony is created. There is also a walkway with stepping stones.

The pergola also consists of four installations, with a swing. The picnic table will be placed under the pergola, with a lawn next to it and a wide ledge filled with plants. To give the garden an extra natural touch, a small vegetable garden was also chosen.

for work!

The sandy area of ​​the park has been raised and leveled a bit. The terrace tiles on the side of the house vary in length and width and thus have an extra fun look. The entrance at the back of the garden is also paved with the same concrete tiles.

A beautiful fence has been put in, which makes the garden beautiful and green all at once and adds to the atmosphere. The lawn is also laid between the walking path with step tiles, made from tiles already in the garden.

Portuguese Laurel – Prunus Lusitanica angustifolia

This fence gives the garden a lovely green base. A big advantage is that it is resistant to the cold winter months and evergreen.


bark was placed under the pergola on the picnic table; Solid floor covering. If you have plants here, they will stay healthy for a long time. The soil remains moist under the layer of phloem, but the phloem also absorbs rainwater and later releases it to the plants. In addition, this ground cover gives your garden a truly natural look.

Snowball – Viburnum bodnantense blew

This plant is called the “naked bloomer”: it blooms before it sheds leaves. The plant reaches a height of about 2.5 meters and does not take up much space. And so sweet: the flowers smell wonderful.

Choisya – Choisya ternata

This plant stays green in winter and blooms from May to August. These small white flowers also spread a pleasant fragrance.

Meat berries – Sarcococca

This is also called ‘sweet boxwood’, because of the flowers that spread a sweet, honey scent. It grows to a height of about one and a half meters and can be used as a hedge.

vegetable garden

A beautiful vegetable box has been placed in the garden, so that Anneliese and her son Julien can grow their own vegetables there.

“Is this my garden?!”

Anneliese could not believe her eyes. “Is this my garden?” She said happily surprised. “It’s very intimate, really very atmospheric. Just as I hoped!”

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