The famous British theater director Peter Brooke died (97)

The famous British theater director Peter Brooke died (97)

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Renowned British theater director Peter Brooke has died at the age of 97. Brooke has directed plays and operas in England, France, and the United States, among other places, and has won several Tony Awards, the most important of which are the United States Theater Awards.

The son of Latvian Jewish parents, Brooke was born in London in 1925. After graduating from Oxford, he initially worked in an advertising agency, but soon found his way to his great love, the theatre.

Brooke has directed plays with great actors such as Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. He worked for the Royal Opera House in London and the Royal Shakespeare Company, among others.

“Making a radical change in the agreements”

His plays were often performed in unconventional places such as gymnasiums and abandoned factories. He was happy to “make terrible, boring, old changes,” as he put it.

In 1970 Brooke moved from New York to Paris, where he founded the Experimental Theater Company, the International Center for Theater Research. With this company he ended up in the huge Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, where he continued to operate until 2011. Among other things, he made a copy of Mozart Zauberflote In it, he deleted several characters and modified the story, which he did before with other pieces.

Books and movies

Even though his eyes deteriorated, he continued to direct even after that. his last piece why? Written by himself, it was performed in Paris and New York. He wrote several books on directing. His publisher Nick Hearn Books, who broke the news of his death, called Brock a man “who left behind a tremendous artistic legacy.”

Besides his work as a theater director, he has also worked as a film director. For example, take out 1963 Lord of the Flies† Previously nominated for the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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