WhatsApp will enable ‘now online’ status protection in the future – tablets and phones – news

The problem with such a case is that if you automate this state, it will be just as accurate as your online state. When you do it manually, you are dependent on people’s behavior. Then there will be people who do nothing with it, or people who deliberately distort it for various reasons. So you gain nothing from it.

This is correct. Any reason the user has for choosing a particular case is a valid reason. After all, the user is the owner of his connections.

If people cannot accept that there are many legitimate reasons for not responding (immediately) and they are not obligated to do so (immediately) at all… then these people are the problem. Hiding things like that is treating the symptoms.

It’s true, but that’s what our society is based on. Are you telling your boyfriend that you won’t attend his birthday because you don’t want to be in that annoying family of his family? Or are you saying unfortunately you can’t because of work pressure? If you want to keep friends, the latter is more suitable.

On the other hand, it is a feature that is misused to mislead people. I can think of a lot of reasons for not wanting to reply to someone (immediately). Maybe you argue, maybe it’s annoying, etc. But eventually people will understand that you’re ignoring them, so why not be honest about that? This also allows you to get the message across more effectively.

The same applies here. This is not how we humans work. We don’t say everything and our society would look very different if we did.

In addition, many people have a lot of contacts. If you have to explain it all every time you’re online but don’t have time to chat right now, you’ll be kept busy and you can’t do it if you don’t have time.

Hiding is simply a good option.

I tested it once, but it’s not like it happens to me often either. However, I find the behavior very disturbing. If you want to be honest, you also have to deal with the consequences.

You can also ask yourself why this might happen.

Personally, I treat it the same way I’ve dealt with IRC for 30 years. I read messages when I have time and come back to them when I have time. But IRC has virtually no real status on the Internet; Everyone uses the bouncer and almost no one does it/away. That is why it is more natural there. But now I have the same situation on Whatsapp. Because I have a bridge to the array, I’m always “connected” there. Unfortunately, the Matrix still lacks manual attendance.

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