February 7, 2023

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Rijkswaterstaat Warning: Monday may have the longest travel time due to farmers' campaigns |  Currently

Rijkswaterstaat Warning: Monday may have the longest travel time due to farmers’ campaigns | Currently

Road users should take into account the additional travel time and potential delays on Monday due to farmers’ protests, advises Rijkswaterstaat. It is also wise to check traffic information before leaving and, if necessary, leave at a later time or work from home.

The farmers previously called on their channels of communication to “complain to the whole of Holland” on Monday with a wide-ranging action in response to Cabinet plans on nitrogen. The call calls for action at Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven and Rotterdam The Hague. It also called for the selection of food distribution centers and the port of Rotterdam as targets for the actions.

It remains unclear what exactly will happen on Monday. The Farmers Defense Force (FDF) working group indicated this weekend that it has no idea what will happen on Monday. “But it’s something that’s going to happen, that’s for sure,” Vice President Jose Oples said on Saturday. “You read and hear it everywhere.”

The extent of potential protest action and the resulting inconvenience on highways remains unclear, Rijkswaterstaat reported on Sunday. “But there are enough indications to give this advice now,” a spokesperson said.

According to the road authority, people are advised to bring something to eat and drink in case they unexpectedly end up in a prolonged traffic jam. “If you come across agricultural vehicles on the road, be mindful of the speed differences and adjust your driving style accordingly: keep your distance from your speed.”

Rijkswaterstaat deploys more road inspectors and road traffic monitors. “This way we have a good view of the developments on the highways both on the road and from the traffic control centers and we can take additional measures if necessary. For example, adjusting the speed or diverting traffic to prevent road users from getting into traffic as much as possible. And she can’t move.” Rijkswaterstaat also says she is working closely with the police.

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Schiphol and KLM call on Monday to come to the airport by train

Schiphol Airport warned earlier today of road congestion in the Netherlands due to protests. The airport is in close contact with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the municipality of Haarlemmermeer about what the measure means for Schiphol, according to a statement on the airport’s website. The airport advises people who go to Schiphol on Mondays to come by train.

KLM is also sounding the alarm on its website. The airline believes that the farmers’ blockade could have serious consequences for access to the airport. “It is highly recommended not to come to Schiphol by car. Use public transport if possible.”