“The failed kiss uncomfortably laughed off” | Columns and view

"The failed kiss uncomfortably laughed off" |  Columns and view

Thomas is now halfway in his quest for the ultimate dream woman. Unfortunately, you can no longer survive as a woman with only a sexy dress and a beautiful smile. He’s looking for a romantic flick, depth, and physical attraction. You also have to be adventurous and he prefers to share his hobbies. Basically, he’s just looking for the female version of himself. But don’t blame him. I would have fallen in love with myself, too, if I had been Thomas.

bad listeners

Patience with women is also running out. They are unaware of the Bachelor program and seem to be engaged in an inner struggle of friendship and competition. Anyway, I think it’s amazing how you can become a friend while at the same time vying for the same man’s heart. How can you be happy for someone coming home from a great date, when you’d rather go on your own. And how can you, in the name of God, advise someone to take a man, when you would rather immediately apply that advice yourself?

Thomas’ head is now also working overtime. In turn, he should not confuse who said what, because men are already known to be bad listeners. That’s bad if you have perfect a respectful person want to hang out. Thank God To him, “Romy-miss can we talk about me for a long time” had come home a long time ago, for if he had also had to remember all those stories, he would have had a full study.

Mini Bikini Bottoms

Anna Noel is someone who doesn’t find it too difficult to keep the peace. This girl instantly kidnaps someone else’s first date with her famous Wildflower. The fact that she’d rather take the plunge than romantically date is an odd choice for me. Something about prioritizing, but that’s an aside. Thomas especially enjoyed snorkeling at cenote† There were no fish in sight, so his focus was unabashedly on watching three adorable female bodies on the bottom of their little underwater bikini. (By the way, did Liel really unabashedly say, “You looked good underwater”?!) Gentleman points.

The next group date is already planned in a few hours. Thomas dives with Angie and Isabella in a Mexican bar in the beautiful city of Merida. there tasting mescal on the list. This is a popular Mexican drink, similar to tequila. specially! This promises to be a raucous evening that you might consider. But instead, it’s great anti-breakage! Girls behave especially well, sometimes sipping their drink carefully with a sour face. Thomas tries a different approach and admits that at the end of the week all the brakes are released and he is often at rock bottom. But the hints do not arrive. Perhaps it would have been better for the waiter to pour the drinks into glasses, because this date will disappear with a yawn.

failed kiss

Anyway, it was Maureen’s luck that Thomas woke up without a hangover (not in the gutter), because she’s the chosen one who can go on one date the next morning. After all, the romantic horseback riding actually started a week ago. This time he treats her to a real walk on the beach and lunch by the sea. Thomas is clearly excited to see Maureen again. By the way, we can say a lot about this bachelor, but it should be clear that he is creative with his decorating tricks and isn’t afraid. I think a few guys on a date have said to a girl, “There’s something in your eye,” and then gently leaned forward. Success is by no means guaranteed. This poor kid is scared to death. Finally, the failed kiss is uncomfortably laughed at.

I also think the show makers should at least give the girls left in the villa a book. Because they have an accident. The atmosphere in the villa literally drops to freezing point, while they bathe by the pool under the scorching sun. By default, each date is over-analyzed and romanticized. Rick obviously feels sorry and thinks; I have these girls change at 11am for a beach party a few hours later. Apparently the white-themed party and even Maureen suddenly showed up in a new outfit with Thomas by her side.


Well, you can give it a new name, a new location, and even a DJ… The characteristic doubt and uncertainty during the famous cocktail party strikes here again. and yes; The ritual begins again. This time, everyone approaches Thomas one by one under the slogan: “You are more likely to regret the things you did not do than you did.” What a depth.

As I anxiously prepare for the rose party – I really have no idea who’s coming home – Anna Noel suddenly sneers at the camera. Uh what?! Suddenly she has fittie With (obviously Thomas’ favorite) Maureen. And is Anna Noel now literally saying that she’s mad at Maureen because she was going to say Thomas would only see their relationship as “friendship”?! I don’t understand much about it, but I very much hope we see this fight (uh, I mean discussion) next week. Fortunately, Karen and not Anna Noel have to pack their bags. So I’ll make popcorn.

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