Student unions: scholarship amounts must be hundreds of euros higher

Student unions: scholarship amounts must be hundreds of euros higher

The National Student Union was shocked by the basic scholarship amounts presented last night. The union says that €255 for students who live away from home and €91 for people who live at home is too little.

“You see that in recent years only prices have gone up and the amounts that are now being mentioned are lower than the old base grant,” Chairman Joshua De Ross said in the statement. Radio NOS 1 News† According to the association, students receive hundreds of Euros per month. “About 800 to 900 euros.”

The LSVB calls the return of the basic grant in recognition of the problems caused by the loan system.

De Roos argues for higher amounts to be able to graduate without debt. “This has to be covered by grants, and then you end up with a basic grant of 420 euros. For students from lower income groups, you are considering an additional grant of 450 euros. This is not the case with these plans.”

LSVB Thinks Business

Students who have had to borrow in recent years will receive compensation. LSVB also sees it as not being high enough. “It’s less than 1,500 euros for four years of study, whereas if you had a basic scholarship it would be 12,000 euros. So we will definitely take action on this.”

Intercity student consultation is still waiting. “I am very curious about the minister’s full plans,” says Lisanne de Roos of ISO. “In any case, it is good to see that the cabinet appears to be speeding up plans out of the coalition agreement. There needs to be clarity for students quickly.”

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