How to get your child interested in programming?

Each parent, looking at how his child grows and develops, wants not only to give him all the best, but also to instill in him the right interests. Programming is one of those hobbies in which it is very difficult to find negative sides. Your child develops logical thinking, creative, learns to organize time and their affairs, sets goals and achieves them. In programming, he will find friends and like-minded people, and the stereotype that his whole life will pass in front of the monitor has long been refuted. But it’s one thing to want a child to get interested in programming, and another thing is to try to lure them into this world.


Motivate your child

A child needs motivation, it’s no secret that the IT industry offers the highest salaries and fastest career growth. Motivate your child with a luxurious life. We advise you to fly to the UAE, and specifically to Dubai. Kids are growing up very fast these days. Boys and girls already at the age of 14 dream of cool cars, like many bloggers, youtubers, artists, and there are a large number of such cars in Dubai. You can easily demonstrate such cars to your child, quite for a reasonable price, you will also be surprised by the number of cars that you can rent, there are a lot of them from Mercedes to Ferrari. In Dubai, this is quite normal, you should not worry about the rented cars since companies have been providing rental services for a long time. Therefore, in a short time you will be able to take bmw car rental, ride a kid and see his burning eyes, we are sure that such a trip, a luxurious life that he will see, will only warm up the desire to do programming. Before your holiday in Dubai read how to prepare for your holiday in Dubai: tips for families traveling with children.

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Why did we recommend Dubai? Dubai is a city of opportunities, a huge number of people from the IT sphere come there. Conferences and exhibitions on this subject are often organized here. Alternatively, you can arrange a meeting with some programmer. We are sure you will not be denied. Let him clearly tell and show what kind of profession it is, what opportunities will be open to your child. Many programmers do not just relax in Dubai, they work here, fortunately, this profession in many cases allows you to work remotely, which means that a luxurious life in the United Arab Emirates is not a dream. Also, you can immediately find out how to find a job in the UAE: search methods and necessary documents.

To motivate a child with a cool vacation and invaluable experience of programmers is like one of the many options for solving your problem.


One of the main troubles of modern children is the total dependence on gadgets. And okay, if it was an addiction to the phone, applications like “Calculator” and “Calendar”. No, they are addicted to games, instant messengers and social networks. How can such a child be forced to do business? That’s right, to captivate him with a game of programming. Graphical languages ​​such as Scratch and Snap! help, as well as a lot of very interesting online games of any complexity, which are based on programming.

Robotics and smart home

All children play constructors. Someone only at an early age exclusively for development, for someone this hobby continues until adolescence. If your child is from the second category, and thanks to the variety of toys and marketing pressure, this is not at all uncommon, then you can get him interested in “effective” engineering, and then programming, using robotics and creating a smart home.

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Sign up for courses

The most obvious decision that can make your child love programming is the strict will of his parents. 20 years ago, kids were sent to the piano and forced to play music for at least an hour every day, and today you can pull off the same trick with face-to-face or online courses. As in the case of a music school, it is important to find courses that are suitable for your child, with the right language and the right presentation. And, of course, at some point loosen the grip a little, allowing the child to continue or complete his education on his own.


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