The EO is under fire for its controversial What Do They Do Millionaire?

The EO is under fire for its controversial What Do They Do Millionaire?

One million people participated in the program on Wednesday evening Why do they do that? And to their surprise, look at the wallet of the millionaire Vasco Ro, who without any problems pays tens of thousands of euros for a vacation in the Greek city of Kos, drives an expensive sports car and just bought a luxury farm in Emmen. And that’s easy because the Rue family earns about 130 thousand euros every month.

Vasco left school at the age of fifteen to start a toy company. Today he is a millionaire and earns his money through investments in crypto, among other things. However, many viewers question whether this is completely fair and link it to fraudulent practices.

Two months ago, Vasco could still be seen in AngryAn episode of Tim Hofman, who has denounced his controversial practices around the cryptocurrency Xpose – to which Vasco has tied his name. Also the program radar Take a closer look at the controversial course of events, just like BNR journalist Aäron Loupatty, who dedicated a four-part podcast to her.

Thus, the family spending pattern has gone in the wrong direction for many people. “130 thousand euros per month .. defrauding others professionally, right?” Someone tweet. “Why does the Ethics Office give a stage to fraudsters?” ask another. “If the editors had done their homework, the fraudster wouldn’t have been invited,” another viewer reacts frustrated.

According to the EO, the registrations were between June and December 2021 and do not allow people to participate who – from the information they have – indicate criminal cases. Tim Hoffman tells RTL Boulevard that he can’t say anything about the case at the moment, but says he’s seeing everything and working on it.

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