Gorman: Apple is working on a subscription for iPhones and other devices – tablets and phones – news

Who cares, all software running on hardware is absolutely not owned by you, unless you wrote it yourself (and even then, it’s just about licensing structures). So why worry about hardware?

I bought the iPhone SE last year (I definitely don’t want FaceID) for $448, and I expect it to last about six years, 72 months. 448/72 EUR = 6.22 EUR. Six years later, your iPhone is worth very little, so if Apple wants to rent an iPhone SE for $6 a month, why not? Even for $7 a month, I’ll consider it as I’m expecting to have a replacement by the time the battery breaks. If they want more than €10 a month, I say fine, I’ll buy one. After all, you don’t really need a new iPhone every year (or two years).

I like that there are more options, which means you can make the choices that work for you. Of course this doesn’t mean that everyone makes the “right” choices, but whether you learn from them or not, in the end it doesn’t matter much…

After all, there are so many people who do everything on their smartphone and don’t really have a computer at home, then I can see the advantage of “renting” the iPhone for a fixed amount per month if you still want the latest version. model every year. Am I that kind of person, no, are there enough of these people? Yeah.

Ownership of material things is much less certain than people think, so many things can happen in life that things do not “belong” to yours or are effectively destroyed. And this is from a collector who spent his whole life collecting almost anything…

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