The energy bill was much higher in June than the previous year Economy

The energy bill was much higher in June than the previous year  Economy

A household with an average energy consumption paid €2,320 per year for energy in June. This means an increase of 37 percent (630 euros) compared to the same period last year.

The bill is higher due to higher energy prices and taxes. This takes into account the price cap. The total energy bill for each household differs due to differences in consumption and the form of the contract, Statistics Netherlands reported Thursday.

The average energy bill in June was much lower than it was in November and December last year, when it was around 3,000 euros. Due to the introduction of the price cap in January and the easing of variable supply tariffs since February, the average energy bill has fallen each month this year.

Fixed and variable tariff rates are set on the basis of energy contracts for about 82% of Dutch households.

The total energy bill varies greatly for each household. Home type, year of construction, degree of insulation, home size, lifestyle, appliance usage, and heating behavior cause significant differences in energy consumption.

As a result, not only does the energy bill differ, but also the benefit households receive from the price cap. This was introduced to help consumers and businesses pay their energy bills. It rose sharply last year due to the rapid rise in gas prices.

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