The Efteling Raveleijn show was stopped again, and the actor fell from the horse

De parkshow Raveleijn in de Efteling (foto: ANP).

For the umpteenth time this year, the exciting Raveleijn show in Efteling has been stopped. This time after an accident with a rider. On Sunday evening, an actor fell from his horse after a dangerous performance and was injured. This happened during the last show of the day at 7:30 p.m.

The accident occurred during a portion of the show where riders perform stunts on top of horses. One of the actors had an unfortunate fall. A video clip of visitors, shared by the amusement park website Loopings, shows the man lying on the ground while his colleagues come to his aid.

The show stopped shortly afterwards and the theater was evacuated. “We have asked visitors to leave the site,” says spokesman Stephen Van Gils. “The staff reassured people. There were nothing too violent to see, so things went smoothly. The actor was taken to hospital by ambulance. The spokesperson cannot say how he is doing.

“With stunts like this, you know things can go wrong.”

This is not the first time this year that something has gone wrong. Fires have already broken out twice in the Raveleijn area. A month ago, animal rights activists disrupted the show. A horse also tripped and two actors had to go to hospital after the stunts failed.

“It’s really unfortunate,” Van Gils says. “But with this kind of stunts, you know things could go wrong. Although of course that’s not the intention.

The actors are trained in France’s Puy du Fou park. According to the spokesman, they are responsible for the show. “They are well-trained professional men and women. But those are the risks of the job.”

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A spokesperson cannot say whether Efteling will enter into discussions with the company. “This is something between our entertainment department and Puy du Fou. But they really know what they are doing. It is difficult for us to interfere in that.”

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Pictures from after the accident:

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