The Dutchman comes out too late after a stunning win and loses everything

The Dutchman comes out too late after a stunning win and loses everything

Soon that time will come again, Bitcoin Pizza Day. On May 22, it was celebrated that something was purchased for the first time using Bitcoin (BTC) as currency. For just 10,000 Bitcoin (currently worth €600 million), an American man bought two slices of pizza. Thanks to this deal in 2010, many cryptocurrency traders around the world celebrate May 22nd.

Speaking of pizza, Crypto Insiders is still running the New York Pizza giveaway. This is a campaign through which our loyal readers share weird stories about cryptocurrencies Instagram Share with us. Upon publication, the anonymous writer will receive two pizzas from New York Pizza.

Bitcoin price to a new record high if this pattern emerges

Bitcoin price to a new record high if this pattern emerges

From €50 to €25,000 and back again

There is a wise lesson to be learned from today’s story. It’s about a cryptocurrency investor who wants to gamble. The trader invested €50 in the memecoin, Bonfire, on April 21, 2021. This is the BEP-20 token, available on the Binance platform. Bonfire has not been around for long, and thanks to this deal, the Dutch cryptocurrency fanatic was among the first 50 holders of Bonfire coins.

Two weeks later, the merchant was sitting at the table with his family on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The value of his €50 cryptocurrency skyrocketed to €20,000. He didn’t want to sell yet and kept his wallet closed. Later, the value of his recently acquired coins increased to 25 thousand euros.

Pride comes before a fall

Because the Dutchman was dreaming of the ultimate jackpot, the dealer remained trapped. However, after a few days the currency price collapsed. In a frantic attempt to make the most of them, the coins went unsold and the owner saw with his own eyes how his once glittering fortune had declined in value. In August, the shipment of burning coins finally sold for just €1,000.

What is your crypto story?

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