Rains cause inconvenience in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany

Floods in France

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A rain zone over Luxembourg and parts of France, Belgium and Germany is causing major flooding. The Meteorological Service has issued Code Orange for a number of departments in north-eastern France.

Pictures published by French media show streets flooded with water. The A4 motorway from Strasbourg to Paris is partially closed in Moselle. The fire brigade received more than 2,000 reports in the area. Rainfall amounts could set new records, according to French weather service Météo France.

Entire sections of villages on the French and German sides of the border, near Saarbrücken, were flooded:

Rain leads to floods in France and Germany

The severe weather is also causing problems in the neighboring German state of Saarland. Homes were evacuated due to the risk of flooding. Many streets were flooded due to the continuous rain. The German Meteorological Service issued the severest weather warning for the area around Saarbrücken.

stay inside

the Deutscher Weterdienst He urged residents to stay home and monitor the situation closely. “If flooding is imminent or already present, evacuate basements immediately and seek higher ground,” the weather service said. “Prepare for power outages. Respond to requests from protection authorities and, if necessary, inform others of the dangerous situation.”

Code Orange also applies in parts of Belgium and Luxembourg. KNMI has issued a yellow code for the city of Limburg in the Netherlands for tonight.

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