A painting by Van Gogh was sold at auction in New York for more than 30 million euros

“Garden Coin with Papillon” by Van Gogh

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A painting by Vincent Van Gogh was sold at auction in New York for the equivalent of 30.5 million euros. It’s about to Garden coin with papillonsWhich means “Garden Corner with Butterflies”, and was probably painted in the spring of 1887.

The painting shows butterflies flying over a flower bed in a public park in Asnières, north of Paris, on the Seine River. Van Gogh came to Paris in 1886, and after a year he regularly left the city to paint.

Nearby Asnières was a popular destination for him, as well as for day travelers and other artists such as Claude Monet. Van Gogh would walk 5 kilometers from Paris every day to the village, where he would paint dozens of paintings.

The value of the work was previously estimated at between €25 and €32 million. It was not sold at auction in 2018 when the minimum price of €27.5 million was found to be too high.


Van Gogh’s work was not the highlight of last night’s auction. that was roseA 1964 Andy Warhol painting sold for more than €32.5 million after a 5-minute bidding war.

The grass is sprayed From 1967 by David Hockney, sold for more than €26 million. This work came from the collection of director Norman Lear, who died last year.

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