Ubuntu May Get Wayland Standard Support for Nvidia GPUs in 24.10 – Computer – News

Ubuntu may start using the Wayland driver by default for Nvidia users starting with version 24.10. With Gnome 47, the drivers may be ready for this, unlike previous versions of the operating system.

Ubuntu Product Manager at Canonical Writes in the update The developers mainly want to improve certain parts of the operating system in version 24.10. Released on April 24.04, Noble Numbat, was another LTS release where such experimental developments were unwise, but the developers say they have other plans for 24.10. An important one is in the Wayland display server. Gnome 47, the desktop environment for Ubuntu 24.10, should now use Wayland by default on systems with Nvidia GPUs.

Ubuntu currently has support for Wayland, but it still has some issues that prevent it from being the default display server. Ubuntu still uses Xorg on these GPUs. The manufacturers expect that these issues have been sufficiently resolved in GNOME 47. “The list of issues has now shrunk to the point where we feel confident in implementing them in the next release and resolving any ‘unknown unknowns’ before Ubuntu 26.04 lts is released,” the developers say.

Canonical also wants to try enabling full disk encryption on more systems with the appropriate TPM. By the way, this is something Canonical has been wanting to do since 2022. Canonical also wants to make a more comprehensive overhaul to the desktop installer. This was one of the biggest changes in 23.04, which Tweakers also wrote about in our review. Canonical also plans to trial support for third-party Debian packages in the App Center.

Much of what the company describes still consists of experimental ideas and features. The company has not yet dared to say whether it will actually be released in October.

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