The Daniel Ortega regime raided the home of journalist Carlos Fernando Zamoro

Carlos Fernando Zamoro, during a committee meeting of the American-American Press Association (IAPA) in Cartagena (Colombia). EFE / Ricardo Maldonado Rosso / Archive

The Daniel Ortega regime raided the home of Carlos Fernando Zamoro, the newspaper’s director Confidential. A spokesman, who was not at home when the forces of the Central American dictatorship carried out the operation, reported the incident on his Twitter account.

“At around 8.30 pm, police raided my home in Intermeso del Bosque. We pay tribute to the physical integrity of my brother-in-law Amelia Elizondo, Ambaro and bodyguard Alvaro, ”he wrote on social media.

Zamoro recalled it Ortega twice ordered the writing to close Confidential “They will not close the newspaper,” he reiterated.

Daniel Ortega ordered a police raid Confidential In December 2018. All equipment was stolen and offices confiscated. One month ago, on May 20, police raided Confidential and Esta Semana offices for the second time, ”Zamoro wrote on his Twitter account.

Journalist 67, son of former President Violeta Barrios de Zamoro and brother of Christiana Zamoro, was detained on June 2. Politics was the favorite to face Ortega in the November 7 election.

Zamoro’s imprisonment marked the beginning of a persecution against anyone who posed a challenge to Ortega.. This Sunday, the regime arrested the fifth candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua. Journalist Miguel Mora is being investigated for crimes against sovereignty.

Former ambassador Arturo Cruz, political scientist Felix Maradia or Cristiano’s cousin economist Juan Sebastian Zamoro were also arrested.

Daniel Ortega (e) with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo (i).  EFE / George Dorey / Archive
Daniel Ortega (e), with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo (i). EFE / George Dorey / Archive

“Ordega shows that he is not ready to risk power. He is here to stay and will pay any cost to establish himself.”said AFP Nicaraguan author Geoconda Belle, via WhatsApp from the US.

According to her, the election “will be a theater.” He believes that once several candidates are arrested, “the opposition should not participate.”

Former left-wing guerrilla Sandinista Front National Liberation Front (FSLN) leader Ordega regime’s actions encouraged The international community’s barriers to undermining democracy and human rights abuses.

In a document released to the press, the regime promised that imprisoned presidential candidates would be “hijackers” funded by the United States to overthrow Ordega.

On the other hand, UN Human Rights Council for Central America and the Dominican Republic Office of the High Commissioner (OACNUDH) Insisted on the rule of Ordega “Release all detainees arbitrarily“In the country, After the arrest of the fifth opposition candidate for the presidency.

Imprisonment for 90 days, without competent judicial restraint and without being able to trust reliable lawyers at trial“Human Rights” referred to the Panama City-based United Nations agency.

OHCHR issued this announcement “Before the arrest of the 5th presidential candidateIn Nicaragua, Nicaraguan means journalist and adversary Miguel Mora.

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