Hector Waltz Albizu: “This is temporary … we are doing well on the right track”

Central Bank Governor Hector Waltz Albizu said that with a good agricultural policy, inflation would be temporary in the country.

Waltz Albizu pointed out that the Dominican Republic could not fall into crisis and that it was not fair to say so, but that the country was managing itself better than many Latin American countries.

“Central bank leaders call us, I tell them how things are going, what they have done, how the president is acting, he is cowardly and he is focusing on the social and humanitarian issue,” Waltz Albizu said while speaking at the “Circle of the International Price Crisis” at the National Palace this morning. When.

The governor of the central bank, assuming the country was “roasting by hand”, pointed out that it was on the right track and that inflation was an “imported problem”, so there are many products whose prices have started to fall.

“We are in a comfortable position to deal with the problem. The economy is doing better, the construction industry is doing better, the price of cement has become more expensive, well, we ‘re going to find a way around that,” said Waltz Albizu.

There may be inflation

Last week, the Federal Reserve said the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the Dominican Republic was 0.65% in May, keeping inflation at 3.36% for the first five months of the year.

Transport (1.48%), food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.76%) and other goods and services (0.60%) were the biggest gainers.

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