March 24, 2023

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Valerie Pacod killed her abusive husband and is now facing a murder trial

Paris (CNN) – The murder case against a woman who killed her abusive husband began Monday in the French city of Salon-sur-Chain.

In his book Dowd Le Monde Sawide (Everyone Knows), published in May, 40-year-old Valerie Pacot admitted to shooting Daniel Pollat ​​in self-defense. He faces life in prison for murder.

“With the same weapon, one day in another forest, he will not kill us, I will kill him,” Bagot wrote.

Valerie Bagot (center) Picture in court on Monday.

Pacquiao said his first victim, Bolet, 25, was raped when he was 12 years old. At the time, Bolette was his mother’s lover, but Pagot mentions him as his stepmother in the book.

In 1996, Ballet was convicted of raping a girl and spent two and a half years in prison, according to Natalie Tomasini, a lawyer in Bago.

After Bollet was released, he began abusing her again, and Pagot wrote in his book that he became pregnant at the age of 17.

One day in the dining room she starts screaming because I did not put the baby toys properly. She turned to me and slapped me hard, without warning.

At 18, Pagot and Bolt had four children, two of whom helped bury their father’s body after Pagot was shot. In 2019, each of them received a 6-month suspended sentence for concealing a human corpse, Bagot’s attorney said.

During the interrogation, the children talked about the relentless abuse they experienced at the hands of their mother Pollat. According to court documents, the court-appointed psychiatrist Pagot said he was “clearly under Bolet’s control.”

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Bogot told police that Bolet had repeatedly beaten himself and forced himself into prostitution.

On several occasions, Bolet said he would kill her and her children if she left Bagot.

“Don’t worry: one day you’ll get out of here,” Ballet recalled in his book, making the first such threat.

“But it’ll be legs first, kids too!”

The public prosecutor said Bollet’s murder was premeditated; Pagot’s lawyers deny it.

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The petition not to imprison Bagotte was launched online by prosecutors in January and has so far received 580,000 signatures.

The trial is expected to last five days.

Pacot’s case is reminiscent of Jacqueline Chavez, a French woman who was convicted of shooting her husband three times in the back with a hunting rifle in 2012 and serving 10 years in prison. .

After serving three years in prison, Savage was released in 2016, when President Francois Hollande granted him permission.

Voluntary charities are raising warnings about the killing of women in France. This year alone, 43 women have lost their lives at the hands of their partners or husbands, according to a panel of lawyers at the Feminists for Cambagan o X, compared to 90 women in 2020, according to French Justice Minister Eric DuPont-Moretti. The French Interior Ministry recorded 146 assassinations in 2019.