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It’s a sound almost everyone recognizes: the dark, warm sound of nature by David Attenborough. He is 96 years old but still full of nature. His latest series is set in his home country, Great Britain. “Wild Islands‘It gives a wonderful picture of nature across the various British Isles: from puffins to otters and from robin to killer whales.


But even before the series began, there was an uproar in Great Britain. According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the BBC decided not to broadcast the last and sixth episode of “Wild Isles” on television for fear of criticism from the right. The BBC responds that it was the intention from the outset to publish this episode only online.

Episode six will be politically sensitive and, in addition to the natural beauty of the UK, will also address climate change, deforestation and the steep decline in biodiversity in our country. The series is also partially funded by a number of nature conservation organizations. This does not go well with everyone.

Hedge landscape in Exmoor, South West England

© Photographer Thewoodman

Tim White

According to Tim de Witt, former Great Britain correspondent for NOS, this is the first time climate skeptics have heard themselves this way. David Attenborough is embraced by both the left and the right. Because of him, all Britons have a tremendous awareness of nature. They heard from him about plastic soup in the oceans. He put that awareness on the map. An icon in the fight to protect nature.

And, like the BBC is completely independent, not affiliated with Greenpeace or any other interest group. I think it is because of him that the British have a greater sense of nature than we do here in the Netherlands. But now for the first time you’re hearing comments from the right, they’re now skeptical. Politician Nigel Farage in particular brings comments and questions to David Attenborough’s stories.”


Puffins and English grass

© Photographer Leufu

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