Bitcoin movement after Easter; Rising altcoin possible?

Bitcoin movement after Easter;  Rising altcoin possible?

Every week, our Senior Analyst Albert, also known as AppY Crypto, hosts an exclusive livestream to talk about cryptocurrency prices, the latest market developments and analysis methods.

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In this latest Crypto Insiders video, Albert once again delves into the prices of several different cryptocurrencies. The following prices have been discussed this time: bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), cardano (ADA), litecoin (LTC), universe (ATOM), polygon (MATIC), and avalanche (AVAX). polkadot (DOT), aave (AAVE), near (NEAR) and more!

Appy also scrolls through the latest news, takes a look at bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins and takes a closer look at other markets like gold and the Dow Jones (DJI). This live broadcast took place last week with the members where they can ask questions directly. As a preview of the installment, everyone can now watch the video.

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