June 6, 2023

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Boer zoekt Vrouw aflevering 5

The best tweets about episode 5 of Boer’s Looking for a Woman 2022

It was another great Fifth episode of Farmer Looking for a Woman this evening. Just enjoy the awkward moments together, like a grown man folding his women into bed or Rob who just keeps talking about himself and your always brave jock. Where was the iPhone actually?

1. Please keep us entertained…

2. That’s quite a ranking!

3. Gentle sagging.

4. Excuse me????

5. Give this guy a nice woman, dude.

6. That was another great conversation!

7. You are not just Jouke.

8. When do they flee?

9. What a party!

10. What are we looking at?!?!

11. Christmas every day, why not?

12. Go Korra!

13. If we didn’t have a mod…

14. What a nice guy.

15. Please Mod, Enjoy Yourself!

16. You have to do something to enjoy there in Jouke.

17. CAUTION!!!!

18. A beautiful name.

19. Has anyone missed Yvonne?

20. Jouke beta client.

21. Just a nice TV moment.

22. Is there anything Jock wants?!?!

23. Poor Hans.

24. That’s it for this week!

Until next week!

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