Expulsion threatens Spanish tango legend Omar Molo: “We don’t want to lose him”

Expulsion threatens Spanish tango legend Omar Molo: "We don't want to lose him"

Drama for tango legend Omar Mollo, 71, and his wife Graciela. The couple has been living in Amsterdam since 2004, but this may soon be over. Last October, they received a letter from the IND that they had to leave the country. Friends and fans started a petition.


“It’s very touching to me,” Molo says with tears in his eyes. The Spanish singer and guitarist is world famous in Argentina, but he has been living in Amsterdam for nearly 20 years. “I’ve traveled a lot, but I always come back to Amsterdam.” Mollo has Spanish citizenship and his wife is Argentine. In Holland, they are called citizens of the Union. They can only stay here if they are financially self-reliant.

“The spirit of the tango, because it is so important in Argentina, he explains”

Emma Bridfield, violinist

Due to the Corona crisis, the tango artist is no longer able to perform and because the couple are not officially Dutch, they are not eligible for TOZO charts. In order to make ends meet, they applied for an old-age pension, but the IND believes that the spouses are taxing the economic system too much.

Fellow violinist and colleague Emma Bridfield is upset. “We had a plan for a new tour. It was already in the pipeline, but it didn’t go ahead. The audience and fans are expecting it.”


According to Braidfield, the singer is very important to the tango scene. “He has such a tremendous power of persuasion. It explains the spirit of the tango, because it is so important in Argentina.” To ensure the survival of the musician, the violinist organizes a useful concert.

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A total of 10,000 euros must be collected. “That’s what the attorney said and that’s the amount the IND wants to see in his account,” Bridfield said. “We want to show that he’s lovable here and how great he sings. We don’t want to lose him.”

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