The closet turns into a close button, but is that enough? Hospitality and culture also want to open | Relaxing aura rules

The closet turns into a close button, but is that enough?  Hospitality and culture also want to open |  Relaxing aura rules

VideosStarting tomorrow, the sharp edges of the hard closure will kick in, but in addition to education, sports, shops and related professions, restaurants and culture also want to open. Today the Cabinet will decide to close, tonight at 19.00 there will be a press conference on Corona, which can be followed live via this website.

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Yesterday it already leaked that the Cabinet is heading for a partial reopening: Education (MBO, HBO and University) will be opened, sports will be allowed again, and the store and hairdresser can be visited by appointment. Exact details and rules will be announced later, but it is clear that now OMT considers it too early to open catering and cultural establishments simultaneously.

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“This move is too scary,” Says a source from The Hague, suggesting that pollution numbers would only rise further if relaxation was eased. Since the omikron variant is less troublesome, the government dares to take it anyway. “But the numbers will increase.”

We can expect this relaxation
All education can be physical again
Sports allowed again: indoors and outdoors, from the gym to competitive matches (without an audience)
– Can shop by appointment again (with limited opening hours)
– Contact professions such as hairdresser and nail stylist can be opened by appointment (with limited opening hours)
Quarantine rules and mouth cover tips can be modified
– Restaurants and culture still have to close

There is criticism in cultural institutions, cafes and restaurants: businessmen are fed up, demanding reopening and threatening to rebel. Stores can receive customers by appointment. This is also with us and is called a hold, which can be safely entered one-on-one”, says Chairman Robert Willemsen of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. “I’m afraid there are too many frogs that we can’t keep in the cockpit. We are the only country in closed Europe.”

Although Justice Minister Dylan Yeilgöz Earlier this week For a while, she seemed skeptical about whether strict enforcement should be applied, but after criticism about this, she said that the rules should already be observed. The Security Council also confirmed this after yesterday’s consultations. Entrepreneurs who nevertheless open their doors will first receive a warning or a fine. President Hubert Burles said that in extreme cases, the case could be forced to close.

Justice Minister Yelgoz and Health Minister Kuipers addressed questions about enforcement among entrepreneurs ignoring coronavirus rules on Wednesday:

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte arrives in Catshuis for a consultation between ministers and experts on the extension of the Corona measures. © ANP

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