The bachelor makes mistakes in his life: “You see regret in his eyes” | TV thermometer

The bachelor makes mistakes in his life: “You see regret in his eyes” |  TV thermometer

The new episode of The Bachelor begins with a game of paintball. I have never seen so many women together so excited about this, but for Thomas, of course, everything is taken off. Even an ugly helmet and track pants. Our desired bachelor himself does not participate. In the meantime, he sets the table, because there is a surprise on the list for the winning team.


Thomas splits seven roses among all the candidates, and the girls holding a rose know immediately they are safe at the next rose ceremony. In other words, he has already indicated his preference and the rest of the girls can also pack theirs. The roses are still on the winning team’s boards, so they know who has the advantage. But the losing team never found out, because their roses had already been snatched from their plates.

Meryl, Angie, and Anna Noella are fine. By the way, my eyes were immediately on “Miss, can we talk about me”, but Romy didn’t reply. Now she immediately thinks that she has to further prove herself. Well girl, don’t do that. Because you’ve done that a lot already and that’s probably exactly where the error occurred. Then suddenly Thomas makes the mistake of his life. Asking her the question “why are you doing what you are doing”, you can immediately see the remorse in his eyes. But unfortunately, it is too late. Romy seizes her opportunity and initiates a new dialogue. I really have no idea how long this story lasted – something with a book and a purpose – but now it’s dark outside.

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In the losing team or not, the beautiful Isabella is the big winner in the end. She goes with Thomas for dessert. And what candy! The famous scene from fat There is nothing for that! Romantically looking at the stars from the cover. With a big YouTube star. Cute Thomas. You know exactly how to pack women. Although he calls her Isabelle – her name is Isabella! – And she has no idea how old the man she was for whom she traveled to Mexico, sparks fly. You’ll almost forget that 13 other women analyze every step a few meters away. “Do they accept or not?!” It eventually becomes a kiss on the cheek, but it literally tastes like more for Thomas.

The next day, Ascha and Lysette are allowed to relax during flyboarding Work up a sweat again. Unfortunately, Yael is forced to cancel because she is not feeling well. (How handsome you can be, by the way, while you are “disgusting” in the villa.) While one stammered on the water, the other had Thomas to himself. When Thomas in turn starts to brag on the water, the two girls can’t look at anything else from the towel.

French Kissing Party

At the end of the day, high heels and dresses are allowed out of the closet. Cocktail #3. Thomas is also feeling uncomfortable again and may have convinced production to make one pub quiz to make it. Here, too, roses come out of the hat. This time they are even yellow. He just keeps throwing roses. In the meantime, there is no longer a rose available in all of Mexico. By the way, I’m still curious how many calories do you burn during a ten minute French kiss?! So Thomas let you read this; Unfortunately this answer did not reach the edit.

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While Thomas turns his attention back to the winning group, the rest are back in high heels in secondary status. Until he joins the rest and – surely – uncertainty returns once more. Karen gets nervous because she thinks something is stuck in her teeth and then doesn’t know what to do “Aberol Spritz” You must pronounce. By the way, I think the idea behind it is very nice; It is her mother’s favorite drink on her birthday.

striped swimwear

Moments later, Karen proves that climbing uncomfortably on it helps. Her cocktail talk surprised Thomas favorably, so Karen received a rose again at the rose party that same evening. In the end, only one person is sent home, which makes the pace too slow for us as viewers. The unlucky one in this case is Lysette, while Thomas, with one rose in his hand, speaks of “full of energy.” Huh, wasn’t that exactly what Lisette praised earlier that day?! But now he is suddenly full of praise for Frederick. did not expect that. Anyway, Lysette keeps the credit to herself and leaves her head held high.

Next week is the regular meat check: in other words, a day at the beach with the Bachelor in striped swimwear and all the women running around in bikinis. I can understand why Thomas is suddenly taking everyone on a date again and ignoring the roses for once…

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