Prince Harry had called her after Diana’s death

Prince Harry had called her after Diana's death

Harry describes the woman as “powerful” rather than a “psychic” or “medium”, nor does he mention the time of the meeting. Also, the second son of King Charles did not believe this at first and greatly appreciated the opportunity to be told “nonsense”. However, he went for it because friends recommended it.

Harry writes of the woman who also felt the energy: “From the moment we sat together I could feel the energy around her.” She said: Your mother is with you. The Duke then describes, among other things, that his neck became warm and that tears appeared in his eyes.

The medium also told Harry that his mother, who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, knew the prince was “searching for clarity” and also felt his “confusion”. Diana also knew Harry had “many questions” and the answers would come naturally.

Harry says he wanted to believe the woman but needed a “sign” to do so. This came when the moderator told how Harry’s son Archie broke a Christmas ornament in the shape of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, something that really happened. The woman said, “Your mother laughed at that.”

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