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The racing game Gran Turismo 7 is getting an update to support Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR 2 headset. It’s also now clear that the popular virtual reality title Beat Saber will also eventually be available for the PSVR2.

Sony announced during its CES press conference that Gran Turismo 7 will receive an update so players can play the racing game immediately when the PlayStation VR 2 headset launches in February. Racing game owners will receive a free update for this. The question of whether games available for PSVR will also work on PSVR2 relates to the fact that Sony’s new headset Not Compatible with the previous generation He is With PSVR games.

during the same show announce That Beat Saber will also be available for PSVR2. The version of the new headset is currently still under development, so it is still unknown when exactly the game will be available. It’s also unclear if the paid DLC can be ported over. Beat Saber is a VR game in which players play with two colors Lightsaber Hit things coming towards them. These things represent parts of the music.

the PSVR2 will be released on February 22ndcost 600 euros and According to Sony There will be more than thirty games available around the time of the release date. Horizon Call of the Mountain by Guerrilla Games definitely belongs on that list. Other games that will receive PSVR2 support, but not all of them will necessarily be available on February 22nd, include Resident Evil Village, After the Fall, and no Man’s Sky.

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