The 5 Worst Games of 2021 / Specials

The 5 Worst Games of 2021 / Specials

Does it mean highlighting the worst games of 2021 specifically? You could say there is enough negativity already in life and certainly on the internet too. However, I couldn’t resist sharing my worst experiences with the 2021 games with you. I played over 40 new games last year, and unfortunately there were a few less important gods. The list below does not reflect the opinion of the entire editorial staff, but only the opinion of the written editor.

Would you rather know the best games of 2021? Later today, I’ll also be sharing my five favorite games from last year. But first we’ll take a nice intimate look at what she played. Keep in mind that this is all very personal of course. Sorry if your favorite game is listed here.

#5 – Scarlet Nexus
Honestly Scarlet Nexus Not even that bad. In fact, many people think it’s a (very) good game. At least the cartoon’s flashy characters and cyberpunk aesthetic make a strong first impression. The story also shows in the beginning the potential, because in this post-apocalyptic world, you have to stop the monsters that eat people’s brains. The first twists in the game are exciting and promise a lot of good.

The problem with Scarlet Nexus is that it is a long game that also gets less and less percentage as you progress. This is an RPG where you use psychokinetic powers to attack your opponents. All this is beautifully depicted, but in the end the combat system seems to have no depth at all. You really only have one basic set that you have to do consistently. Unlike other action games like Devil May Cry There is hardly any room to play creatively. On top of that, you are fighting against a very limited set of enemies, so you can’t speak of the difference in that area.

Unfortunately, the story also completely falls apart. Things eventually become predictable and incoherent. During the closing chapters, I was already begging for credits. As far as I’m concerned, Bandai Namco is making a mistake with the Scarlet Nexus, but there’s probably still enough potential in the IP to do a better job in a sequel.

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