Thalia gets back together with Leandert at B&B Vol Liefde: “It feels so good”

Thalia gets back together with Leandert at B&B Vol Liefde: "It feels so good"

Francesca received a signal from above last night. I read a book with quotes from the Bible. “I read quite by accident: Aren’t you unpacking someone else’s bag by accident? And then I actually thought, I’m unpacking someone else’s. It’s not my clothes that fit me. And these are metaphors. I don’t fit.” “Order is here. It’s the things that are arranged upstairs and I actually follow that to the letter.”

Lindert immediately says that he doesn’t like Francisca either. “I don’t really have a sense of chemistry either.” They decided it was time for her to leave immediately. She was quickly gone, and this means that Woman No. 7 also returned home.

But Leandert did not give up and called Thalia, an old acquaintance of his. “Hi Talia, I’m Leandert.” After some chatter, Leendert got straight to the point. “Would you like to come here again?” Asked. Thalia replies, “Yes, that would be great.” “How many days?” Leandert has only one answer to that: “Forever.”

Once Francisca leaves, Thalia soon returns. Leandert was fully clothed to greet the woman who had been haunting his head for so long. “What a charming man,” Thalia says when she sees Leandert again after all this time. “looking great.” Leandert’s embrace makes her happy. She says, “I miss you.” He is also very happy to see Thalia again. “When I see her again I think: yeah, that’s why I love her so much. She looks amazing.”

The two can’t keep their hands off each other. “It’s a very nice encounter,” says Lindert. “You’re still in the back of my mind.” Other ladies just can’t compete with a Colombian. “I feel completely happy. “I’m shining,” Thalia says happily. “Maybe we can build something beautiful.”

Leandert begins to sing instead of playing the piano. He sings “A Little Love”. Soon, they plunge into the famous hot tub, where the water is not only warm. The two kiss a little. Thalia explains her return: “Things are going as they should.” “the “The timing of the universe is perfect.” Lindert is happy. “It feels very good. I think something very beautiful can grow in the coming days.”

Time will tell, but the beginning is there. B & B full of love It can be seen every working day at 8.30pm on RTL channel 4.

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