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“You might think BG3 is a great game and hope all RPGs will be made like this from now on.
I sincerely hope not.”

huh? Yinx84 doesn’t say that at all.

You can compare any game to any game, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that if you like X better than Y you want X to be equal to Y in every way. In terms of combat, these are two different systems, you can have a preference for that, or like both. No, they are compared in terms of how good the storylines are, how much there is to do, that they both work with a camp, where you can romance your buddies, etc.

Well, when DA4 comes out (in a year’s time) and it turns out to be much lower than BG3, people will start to compare. That’s fine without the fighting type getting in the way in that comparison.

I’m having fun with BG3, but I’m going to assume that DA4 is just RTwP again and The Witcher 4 is RT. Regardless, the games will be compared on the fronts on which they are compared.
Quality dialogue
– Quality of story / main missions
-Are there (un)wanted items?: (loose) multiplayer/microtransactions/always online

There are also rumors that DA4 will no longer be party based and may be more RT like Skyrim/Witcher and thus without the option to pause.

Because you say:
“Dragon Age is a third-person shooter, like the Witcher 3.”
I actually say no. Skyrim/Witcher is a completely real-time game without any party. (Yes, you can have comrades, but you don’t control them.)
BG3 is spin based
Dragon Age is RTwP and thus an intermediate form of the two. When you see me playing DA, it feels more like BG3 than Witcher 3. This might be different for you.

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