Achmeya will increase insurance premiums due to the increase in climatic risks

Achmeya will increase insurance premiums due to the increase in climatic risks

The company announced it today during a presentation of its half-year numbers.

Costs are going up

Each year, Achmea negotiates with reinsurers about the premiums it pays for very large risks. These reinsurers are often very large international parties, and in fact they do the same thing for insurance companies as insurance companies do for consumers.

According to Bianca Tetero, these premiums have increased by 10 percent, and the conditions have also become more stringent.


This is partly due to inflation, which is also transmitted, and partly due to damage from severe weather. According to Ashmeya, many natural disasters around the world are putting pressure on these bonuses.

A portion of these additional costs will be incorporated by Achmea into consumers’ insurance premiums. A company spokesperson says the company cannot, at this time, say what percentages premiums will be increased.

A quarter more premium

Other insurers see the risks of climate change, too. For example, Joss Payten, CEO of ASR, previously warned that premiums could rise by as much as a quarter as a result of a growing claims load.

When asked, an ASR spokesperson said the insurance company is also seeing reinsurance rates go up. It is not yet clear if this translates into higher prices for the customer.

Insurer NN says that at the beginning of this year it also saw a sharp rise in premiums for risk reinsurance as a result of climate change. These higher costs are partly reflected in the premiums paid by consumers.

The damage is increasing

What is certain is that insurance companies have seen their claims load skyrocket as a result of extreme weather in recent years, which ultimately also drives up premiums. The Dutch Association of Insurers calculated that last year there were approximately €887m of insured damage due to bad weather.

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Insurance has become significantly more expensive

And if premiums continue to really rise across the board, that will be the umpteenth setback for consumers. The costs of many insurance policies have already risen sharply in the past year.

Comparison site Independer previously calculated that many popular insurance policies are becoming significantly more expensive. For example, the price of car insurance has increased by about 10 percent. Homeowner’s insurance (in which you insure your home) also increased by 15 percent.

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