Tesla recalls half a million cars in US

Tesla recalls half a million cars in US

Photo: ANP

Automaker Tesla has recalled about half a million cars in the United States. In Model 3, the rear view camera wiring harness may be damaged by opening and closing the trunk. On the Model S, the hood may open unexpectedly due to a faulty latch. It is not yet clear whether cars will be recalled in the Netherlands as well.

According to the U.S. Road Safety Controller, Tesla has not yet received any reports of accidents caused by defects. In total, more than 475,000 Teslas are being recalled in the United States. That number is equal to the total number of electric cars the company delivered last year.

It’s about 350,000 Model 3s manufactured between 2017 and 2020. Nearly 120,000 Model S vehicles require repairs due to hood problems. It is not yet clear whether the models will go to the garage in the Netherlands for adjustments. Tesla was not immediately available for comment.

Earlier this year, the U.S. automaker, led by CEO Elon Musk, had to modify the software for nearly 300,000 cars in China. Model 3 and Model Y cars, according to Chinese controllers, required an online software update due to problems with the driver assistance system. The so-called assisted driving function in electric cars can be activated without instruction. As a result, the car may suddenly start to drive faster, for example.

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